Change rom easily to your Xiaomi device!


is a Windows tool developed to change rom on Xiaomi devices!

Xiaomi is a well-known Chinese brand which build beautiful smartphones, however sometimes they come with Chinese software or software which doesn't give you the best experience you can have.

To get the most out of the smartphone it's necessary to install the best rom that suits to you, but that is not always easy, especially for non-advanced Android users.

So I developed this tool, to give everyone the opportunity to install the preferred software their own devices.

XiaoMiTool automates the sometimes difficult procedure which is needed to change rom and you can use it to:

  • Install official roms (Global stable/developer or China stable/developer)
  • Install unofficial Xiaomi.eu roms (stable/developer)
  • Install any other twrp flashable rom (such as lineageos, resurrection remix, ...)
  • Install custom recovery (TWRP or else)
  • Unlock bootloader*
  • Lock bootloader

XiaoMiTool can use different ways to install rom on your device and the right way is automatically detected:

  • Fastboot flash
  • Emergency mode flash (EDL)
  • Stock recovery flash**
  • TWRP recovery flash
  • Fastboot unlock (via MiFlashUnlock)/lock

XiaoMiTool retrieve your device info to automatically fetch:

  • Fastboot official rom
  • Recovery official rom
  • Xiaomi.eu roms
  • Official/non-official TWRP
  • Latest SuperSU

XiaoMiTool is free to use, if you like it and want to help the development you can make a donation to the developer.

XiaoMiTool is not official, it's been developed by a random guy (me) and not Xiaomi!

If you have questions unanswered you can check the FAQs section below.

* = Uses included official MiFlashUnlock, granted Xiaomi account binded to the device is still necessary!

** = Exclusive feature, available just in this tool and MiPCSuite chinese version (which is very limited)


Download XiaoMiTool for free

Download latest: XiaoMiTool 0.4.1

Version 0.4.0 (2017-07-21 01:27) XiaoMiTool 0.4.0

Download previous tool (MiInstaller): Mi Installer (Italian only)

Older version download links coming...


Trying to answer most frequently asked question

FAQs section is coming soon...


Help me improving XiaoMiTool ;)

Feedback section is not available for now. If you want to write something to the developer or if you want to translate this tool to your language send an email to dev@xiaomitool.com